Custom LASEK

  • February 11, 2018

Custom LASEK is a laser vision correction procedure which uses the latest technology to measure the unique visual characteristics of your eye to customize your treatment. Custom LASEK in Rogers provides an additional level of precision over what traditional LASEK offers and provides you with the best possible quality vision.

A device called a wavefront analyzer measures the way light travels through your eye and then creates a 3-D wavefront map which is unique in the same way that your fingerprint is unique to you. Your wavefront map provides a detailed diagram of the areas of distortion (called aberrations) that allows Dr. Cole to provide you with truly customized vision correction.

Custom LASEK is preferred by many since the wavefront measurement system is very precise and the outcome is an individualized vision correction, which is very different from traditional LASEK surgery or standard prescription glasses. Aside from being very unique and individualized, here are the other benefits of custom LASEK:

  • Helps to improve visual acuity (how much a person can see) and contrast sensitivity (how well a person can see fine details)
  • Less risk of post-LASEK issues such as halos and glare
  • Has been found to have fewer risks of night vision issues after surgery
  • Addresses both aberrations or visual distortions of both lower and higher order
  • Can treat even those who have lost best-corrected vision from prior surgeries such as LASEK, RK and PRK

As with traditional LASEK, a thorough vision exam and consultation is required to determine if a patient is qualified to undergo custom LASEK. If you are eligible for the procedure, Dr. Cole will ensure that you receive the best treatment possible. If you are interested in having custom LASEK vision correction in Rogers, contact BoozmanHof at 800-428-3937 or to schedule a consultation today.