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Does LASEK Require Anesthesia?

  • June 4, 2020

When you think of having a surgical procedure, you typically will associate anesthesia as part of that experience. LASEK is not like most surgical procedures because general anesthesia is not necessary. While some patients may prefer the idea of being “put to sleep” for the duration of their procedure, it is actually very important that LASEK patients be alert and able to follow directions during the surgery. During LASEK treatment in Rogers, Our Doctors will need the patient to stare at a light for about 60 seconds while the laser works. A steady visual fixation on the light is critical for the most accurate results.

Many patients fear that being awake during LASEK means that they will feel everything that is happening. Rest assured that you will feel nothing more than a light pressure on your eye if you feel anything at all. 

In addition to the numbing eye drops, you will be given a mild oral sedation so although awake, you will feel relaxed. 

Before the LASEK procedure begins, patients may be offered a very mild oral sedative. This sedative will help you feel relaxed while remaining awake. Patients will then be given anesthetic eye drops that numb the eyes. These eye drops feel just like the type that you’d normally use to lubricate dry eyes but contain a numbing agent so that you shouldn’t feel anything except light pressure during your LASEK procedure.  

Following the procedure, patients should not feel any pain or discomfort. At the most, patients typically feel that their eyes are somewhat scratchy or gritty, but it is exceeding rare for a patient to feel any level of post-operative pain.

The good news is that with advanced LASEK technologies and lasers, patients can expect a quick and easy procedure and outstanding vision correction results.

To learn more about the LASEK procedure and how we can help you see as clearly as possible, schedule a free LASEK consultation with Our Doctors by contacting BoozmanHof at 479-246-1700 or website.