LASEK Financing

  • November 13, 2016

With the average cost of LASEK being more than $2,000 per eye in the U.S. and the procedure not being covered by most insurance plans, you might feel that laser vision correction is beyond your financial means. Thankfully, there are a number of LASEK financing options available to make LASEK affordable for people who cannot pay the full price of the procedure up front. Monthly payments for LASEK surgery using a financing plan can be less than $200 per month.

Paying for LASEK Through Finance Companies

Today it’s commonplace to arrange monthly payments for a variety of health-related procedures, including LASEK!

First, you should make sure the LASEK surgeon you plan to use approves of the financing company. This is because not all LASEK surgeons will work with all financing companies, so confirm with your surgeon before you apply for a loan.

Companies that provide LASEK financing usually offer a range of plans in which you can complete payments within three months, or extend monthly payments for as long as five years. Some companies allow you to spread out payments over time without incurring any extra cost.

Some short-term payment plans charge no interest at all. For longer term payments, interest rates can vary greatly and range as high as 22.99 percent. A deposit also may be required. Interest rates and deposits depend on personal credit ratings and the LASEK financing company used.

How to Apply for LASEK Financing

Applying for credit from a LASEK financing company usually is quick, easy and similar to obtaining other traditional loans. Many LASEK surgeons offer LASEK financing directly through major companies, making the process simple for you.

How much does LASEK cost?

We want to help all our patients experience a life free from the hassle of glasses and contacts. During your free LASEK consultation in Rogers, Dr. Cole will perform a series of vision tests and ask you questions about your vision and lifestyle in order to provide you with a customized treatment plan and price to best correct your unique vision correction needs. To learn more about LASEK financing or schedule your consultation, contact BoozmanHof at 800-428-3937 or