LASEK Healing Time

  • March 8, 2017

LASIK Healing TimeAs soon as your LASEK surgery is complete, your eyes will have already begun the healing process. The initial healing period after LASEK occurs rather quickly. Long-term LASEK healing can last from several weeks to several months. It’s normal to experience some fluctuations in your vision and other side effects during your LASEK healing time.

The First Few Days of Healing:

You will need someone to drive you home following your LASEK procedure in Rogers. During the first few days following LASEK, you may feel some eye pain, along with irritation and watering. Some patients experience a gritty feeling as if they have sand in their eye. Dr. Cole may instruct you to wear a patch or shield over your eye for the first few days, especially while sleeping, so that you avoid rubbing your eye and eyelid. Your eyes may also be sensitive to light and your vision may be fuzzy for the first few days. You may be given medicated eye drops to help prevent infection and inflammation. You will have a check-up appointment within 24-48 hours after your surgery. During this examination, Dr. Cole will check your eyes and test your vision.

The Weeks and Months of Healing Following LASEK:

The complete LASEK healing time is normally about six months. Regular follow-up visits will be scheduled during this time or longer to continue to monitor your vision and eye health. Your follow-up appointments are critical to your full recovery and must not be neglected. In most cases, vision should be stable and clear at the six-month post-op visit. If you experience dry eyes, halos, glare or other visual disturbances after your LASEK surgery, most of these symptoms should be gone or significantly reduced by your six-month visit.

To ensure proper healing, it is very important that you carefully follow all post-operative instructions. Remember that during the LASEK healing you may experience several vision fluctuations and symptoms. For more information about LASEK in Rogers or to find out if you are a candidate for the procedure, contact BoozmanHof at 800-428-3937 or