LASEK Surgery Recovery Time

  • May 20, 2018

The vast majority of patients see very well after LASEK surgery and are happy with their vision. LASEK recovery is often minimal and very little time passes between surgery and when patients achieve very clear vision. In Rogers, Dr. Cole is dedicated to helping all patients achieve optimal vision and LASEK can be a great option for many.

Immediately After LASEK

You will see noticeably better without glasses immediately following your LASEK procedure. But while your eyes are healing, it is normal for your vision to fluctuate and be less than perfect during your LASEK recovery.

The post-LASEK healing process typically takes several weeks, and during this time it is not unusual to experience sensitivity to light, blurred and/or fluctuating vision, glare, halos around lights and poor night vision.

Also, most people experience some degree of dry eyes immediately after LASEK and this common side effect can last several weeks or even months after vision correction surgery.

Dr. Cole will conduct a number of follow-up exams in the weeks and months after your procedure to monitor your progress and evaluate your vision and eye health.

It is important to follow Dr. Cole’s recommendations during this follow-up period to increase your odds of a successful LASEK outcome.

General guidelines immediately after LASEK include:

  • Do not rub your eyes
  • Do not wear eye makeup or apply skin lotions near your eyes
  • Do not swim or use a hot tub
  • Avoid strenuous activity or contact sports
  • Do not drive at night until you are told it is safe to do so
  • Contact your eye doctor immediately if you develop new, unusual or worsening symptoms
  • Use all prescription medicines and artificial tears as directed

LASEK Recovery Time 2-3 Months after LASEK

It is common for the eyes to continue to heal for at least 3 months after LASEK, which means your vision will also continue to improve. In patients with more severe prescriptions, their eyes can continue to heal for up to 6 months. Since everyone heals differently, it is not possible to know exactly how your eyes will heal, and in very few cases (3-5%) the patient will require an enhancement after their LASEK recovery time has passed and their eyes are stable.

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