Clinical Studies

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In recent years, we have worked hard to develop our clinical research programs with a focus on bringing the most promising medical and surgical therapies to our patients before they are available to the general public. Very few centers in the United States are able to provide these kinds of opportunities to their patients. Both physicians and patients travel from across the country and world to obtain training and care from our doctors.

Clinical research offers great opportunity to patients, but not without some degree of risk. We always put the safety and welfare of our patients first when deciding to participate in FDA supported clinical trials. Your happiness and health interests are critically important to us.

Any industry or other outside clinical trial funding is used to provide care at reduced costs to our patients, and often allows us to provide monetary stipends for your time as well.

Obtaining premiere cutting edge ophthalmic care while enjoying these additional benefits is truly a unique opportunity for our patients.

In addition to our clinical research programs, our ambulatory surgery center has been recognized as one of the finest surgical facilities in the country. Under the leadership of Dr. Randall Cole and Surgery Center Director Donna Acord, an endophthalmitis prevention program has been established that is being implemented at prestigious universities in the United States. Our surgical infection rate over the past two decades is among the lowest in the world. Furthermore, both our clinic and surgery center quality assurance programs emphasize the importance of a superior patient experience as well.

Moving forward, we hope to become even more involved in the development of new medical and surgical innovation. We believe that the most important part of performing research is asking the right questions. Far too much of our country’s precious research dollars has been spent on projects that eventually have little or no payoff. We must perform research that will directly impact patient care, and implement these advancements into medical practice as quickly as possible. You deserve the best eye care available. We believe our efforts in clinical research and innovation further validate our firm commitment to providing you “world-class eye care accompanied by hometown service.”