Understanding LASEK Risks

  • August 19, 2018

While LASEK surgery is extremely safe and incredibly effective, as with any surgical procedure, there is still some risk involved. The truth is, LASEK risks are rare and typically mild when they do occur. When LASEK risks do occur, the majority of side effects either go away on their own or are easily fixed through a follow-up procedure.

Potential LASEK surgery risks include:

Eye Infections – Like all surgical procedures, LASEK carries a small risk of infection. However, eye infections following LASEK are rare. If the procedure is performed using sterile lasers throughout, the surgeon can avoid any physical contact with the eye and thus minimize the chance of infection. Patients can also reduce the risk of infection by avoiding swimming pools and facial products for a short period of time following surgery.

Dry Eye – Because LASEK temporarily stops the eye from producing tears, patients may experience dry eyes during the first six months following surgery. This is a relatively common side effect of surgery and may be treated with eye drops. The symptoms include dry, itchy, red eyes. Dry eye can sometimes cause eye pain and the feeling of something in the eye.

LASEK Flap Complications – Problems associated with the flap created in the cornea during the LASEK procedure may affect between 0 and 4% of patients. The effects may be short or long term and, in some instances, a second procedure may be required to alleviate symptoms.

In addition to the LASEK risks outlined above, it is normal to experience some temporary side-effects following the procedure. Patients may experience blurred vision, glare and halos or starbursts around lights during the healing process after LASEK surgery. These symptoms are quite common in the first few weeks and they almost always improve over time as the eye heals.

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