Why is Some LASEK Cheap?

  • April 9, 2017

Why is some LASIK CheapIf you are considering LASEK, you’ve probably noticed advertisements for low-cost, discount LASEK. While discount LASEK eye surgery may sound enticing, there are numerous reasons to be wary of these so-called “deals.” Let’s review why some LASEK is cheap:

Discount LASEK advertisements usually contain fine print regarding the actual cost of the LASEK procedure. Typically, this either means hidden fees are involved and the patient doesn’t actually save money or only a small number of people qualify to receive LASEK eye surgery at that low price. Many times these ads look great on the surface but it is only after you have gone into the eye doctor’s office that you find out the true costs. Be especially wary of such bold offers; many people who choose to undergo LASEK in this way are hit with additional fees after their surgery is over.

While LASEK is generally an extremely safe procedure, a low cost can be an indicator that corners are being cut. Discounts and group deals on LASEK pose the risk of poor surgical outcomes and poor patient care due to outdated technology. It is important to find a LASEK surgeon that has sufficient experience and uses the latest blade-free technology such as Dr. Cole in Rogers.

Prices for LASEK can vary widely depending on your particular prescription and other factors. The average price for LASEK surgery is around $2,000 per eye.

The important issue concerning the cost of LASEK is whether the fee advertised is all inclusive. Before you schedule a LASEK procedure, confirm with your surgeon everything that is and is not included in the fee you have been quoted and request the information in writing.

Even where price may be a significant concern, many patients are able to take advantage of financing options with affordable monthly payment plans. To learn more about the cost of LASEK in Rogers or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cole, contact BoozmanHof at 800-428-3937 or boozmanhof.com today.