Most women desire longer, full, dark eyelashes. That’s the reason there are so many mascara types and brands on the market today. The problem is that unless you already have full eyelashes, no amount of mascara will do the trick.

To help women achieve the lashes they desire, Dr. Daniel Sines offers FDA-approved LATISSE: the first prescription treatment for inadequate lash growth. When applied properly to the upper lash line every night, this product has been shown to actually grow new lashes with results in approximately 8 weeks.

Dr. Sines carefully instructs each patient on the proper application of this prescription medication so hair is not grown in unwanted areas. Once the desired lash quantity and length has been achieved, most patients can reduce the frequency of applications. However, the medication must be continued to maintain results.

Not everyone is a good candidate for LATISSE. The only way to know for sure if you are right for LATISSE and to learn about the benefits and possible side effects, contact us to schedule a Consultation at our office.