Eye Exams

Eye exams are often pushed to the back-burner until we experience a major issue with our eyesight. The truth is that routine eye exams can help identify eye conditions and diseases early – especially those with no obvious symptoms – so treatment can be administered before irreparable damage is done.

Enhance Your Vision

At BoozmanHof our optometrists help patients protect, preserve and enhance their vision through:

  • Routine eye exams
  • Comprehensive dilated eye exams
  • Prescriptions for glasses or contact lenses
  • Detection of eye disease
  • Identifying risk factors for eye conditions
  • Recommendations for advanced treatment
  • Education about vision problems

Scheduling Eye Exams

How often do you need to schedule eye exams? The answer depends on factors such as:

  • Age Ethnicity
  • Existing medical conditions
  • Family history of eye disease
  • Occupation


Children should have a yearly comprehensive eye exam along with their parents. Many vision problems can be detected early and treated before they become detrimental to a child's development, learning abilities, and every day function.

Children can experience conditions ranging from crossed eyes, lazy eye, blocked tear ducts and blurred vision. As with any patients, early diagnosis and treatment are important to a good outcome.

Children at an early age are not always able to express issues regarding their vision, and in fact, are often unaware that they have vision problems. We encourage families to schedule a thorough eye exam for their children prior to kindergarten.